Sunday School - 10 May 2020

Dear Children: Today is Mothers day.
We continue today in our story the “Teaching On Moses” Session 2. Today we are going to learn about two mothers and a daughter who obeyed her parents.
As you listen take care to note that Jochebed had to sacrifice her son and calm her feelings and trust God, as it was decided by the father to, “Get rid of the baby”. The plan was they could only hide the baby where he was unlikely to be found by the soldiers. A place the soldiers wouldn’t look for a baby.
God inspired him through a dream to prepare and build a little basket to hide the baby in and float him past the crocodiles on the Crocodile River.
Miriam obeyed her parents and followed and looked after the baby safely hidden in the basket. When the Baby was found by the princess, God put in the heart of the princess, the king’s daughter to love the
baby; a true mother’s love. This was a special baby… The most beautiful that she has ever seen and she even gave him a name… Moses!
Miriam was very brave. She promised the princess she would bring someone to nurse or breast feed the baby. So Jochebed Moses’ own mother brought him up when he was little and taught him about God and that he was to be the Deliverer… The purpose for which he was born.
So listen carefully to God’s Prophet in the “Teaching On Moses”.


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