Bible Tabernacle, Cape Town

Bible Tabernacle Assembly was established and served by Brother Harold David Beckett since 1966. The cornerstone for the first and current church building was laid in 1983 and by the Grace of Almighty God Pastor Beckett has been the shepherd of this humble flock to this day.  
Our vision is to spread the Revelation of Jesus Christ by publishing, printing and distributing literature and other forms of media at cost and most times free of charge especially in the mission fields. 


Although we do not encourage the use of and subscription to any form of social media we realize that this is an effective way for us to reach multitudes of people in the furthering of God’s Kingdom. We would like to make use of this social media platform for the good and our sincere prayer is for that last seed of God to receive the truth of the hour and enter into the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"Our Religion is not a history. It's a living fact; it's a living God; it's a living experience."
W.M Branham
The Message
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