W.M. Branham

He was an example of how a christian should live. He had the ability to elevate Jesus Christ higher than anyone else. He showed us that Jesus Christ is right here, right now and that Jesus cares passionately about you and me. What greater legacy could anyone leave?


Lockdown Level 4:
All Services Held At The Tabernacle Have Been Temporarily Suspended
NEXT SERVICE: 7:30PM Tuesday 27 July 2021 (Online Only)
Attending Services At The Tabernacle:
It is compulsory to wear a mask, sanitize your hands and maintain social distancing.
"This natural life as we know it has been permanently affected but there is no change to our spiritual destiny. We are unmoved, unshaken and not unsure of our walk with Christ. What a day that will be when we can shake hands, hug and fellowship together again..."
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