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Sunday School - 17 MAy 2020

Dear Moms,

Re: Bible Quiz

We trust the little Lessons or activities would be of interest to you and the children. There are many
noteworthy Bible mothers we did not list; neither the evil mothers referred to in Bible times.
Please use the quiz to test their knowledge. Each section could also be used as individual lessons.
Look up the Bible reference given below and tell the story so that they thoroughly get to know and
understand it. Get them to repeat the story and tell it back to you.
With Christian love and respects.

The Sunday school Teachers

Bible Quiz: Bible Mothers
Who Is This Mother?

1. Who is This mother? For her the greatest of the Hebrew kings committed 2 of the worst crimes. A prophet severely rebuked him for these crimes, by speaking to him in a parable. Their child that was born of this marriage died. Her second child became the wisest of all kings.

2. This woman had no son. She was called a Great woman. She (with her husband) made a small room) which she set apart for the prophet when he came by. In return the prophet foretold she would have a son. When the boy grew up he fell sick and died. She sent for the prophet and he was restored to life again.

3. This mother appeared before King Solomon claiming a baby. Another woman also appeared before the king, saying that that baby is hers and that the first woman had stolen it from her during the night. King Solomon wisely called for a sword and announced that he would give half of the baby to each woman. The True mother’s reaction showed whose baby it was.

4. Who was this Mother? When her son was born she and her husband knew he was a proper child. She had to lose her son to find him again. Her son was found by a princess, who named this nameless baby. This mother became the mother of a great prophet.

5. This mother was the first mother in history. She committed the first sin. The Bible tells us she had 3 sons whose names we know (Names beginning with C, A, S). The eldest son killed the second son.

6. This mother, who was childless, was tormented by second wife who had children. Her husband asked her, “Am I not better to thee than ten sons?” As her lips moved in prayer, the priest mistook her for a drunken woman. She received her son in answer to prayer. She made him a special robe every year.

7. This mother was the wife of the greatest of Patriarchs. He told a half-lie of her to save his own life. And she was told by him to lie about herself too. She reached old age without having a child. Supernaturally she conceived and bore a son. When the son was a youth, her husband was about to sacrifice this son, but an angel voice from heaven prevented him.

8. This heathen mother came to Jesus and begged him to heal her daughter. He ignored her and said that it is not “right” to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs. She replied to him respectfully and Jesus called her a woman of great faith. Her daughter was healed from that very time.

9. This mother was the greatest of all mothers that ever lived. She was also the saddest mother. Her son was the most wonderful of all Sons. She was at a wedding one day where He performed a miracle.

10. She was the mother of Paul’s Beloved young helper. She was a woman of “unfeigned love”. She taught him the scriptures from his earlier days. Apostle Paul wrote him 2 wonderful letters.
Apostle Paul asked him to remain at Ephesus and help with ministering or exalting the church there. (Another question: What his grandmother’s name?)

11. She was the mother of a man that was foretold in the last 2 chapters in the Old Testament. She was old and was childless. An Angel foretold that she would bare a son. Her husband did not believe the Angel. He was struck dumb until the baby was born. A family member visited her before she had the baby. The son became a great preacher and died when he was beheaded.

12. The mother of an Apostle’s wife had a severe fever. She was touched by a great Healer… who touched her hand… and the fever left her. She arose at once and started serving others in the house, at Capernaum.

13. At the Home of this mother, the Christians gathered together to pray for Peter’s release from prison. Herod had him imprisoned. Her son became a helper of Paul, then of Barnabas, then later of Peter. (Acts 12: 11-12).

14. This mother came with her 2 sons to Jesus with a special request. On behalf of her sons she asked for
seats of honour in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus replied it was not for him to give, but His Father in
heaven. She later was at the crucifixion of Jesus and also early the morning at the sepulchre. He sons
James, The Great and John became Apostles. Their father was a fishermen at Galilee.

References for above bible quiz

1. Bathsheba, The mother of Solomon. –  2 Samuel 11:2-27; 2 Samuel 12:1-10, 14-23, 24

2. The Shunammite Woman, mother of boy who died of a “sunstroke’ (In the days of Elisha). – 2 Kings 4:8-37

3. The True mother was identified by her reaction to save the baby’s life. The mother who preferred to
lose her baby than have it killed or cut in half. – 1 Kings 3:16-28

4. Jochebed, The mother of Moses. – Exodus 6:20

5. Eve, mother of Cain, Abel, Seth. – Genesis 2: 18-24; Genesis 4:1-15; Genesis 3:1-24

6. Hannah, Mother of Samuel. – 1 Samuel 2:1-28

7. Sarah, The mother of Isaac. – Genesis 20:20

8. The Syro-Phoenician woman, (called a dog by Jesus), mother of sick daughter. – Matthew 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30

9. Mary, The Virgin, mother of Jesus. – Luke 1:26-38; Luke 2: 51

10. Eunice, the Mother of Timothy. – 2 Timothy 1:5; 2 Timothy 3:15

11. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. – Malachi. 4:5,6 Luke 1:17; Luke 1:39-45

12. Peter, the apostle’s wife’s mother. – Matthew 8: 14-15

13. Mary, The mother of John Mark. – Acts 12:12

14. Salome, mother of James the Great and John; mother of Zebedee’s children. – Matthew 20:20-56; Matthew 27:56; Matthew 4:21; Mark 16:1


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