Sunday School - 26 April 2020

Dear Parents

We are so happy to assist you with lessons that would help  your children to understand God’s plan for their lives.
Please use the Parables/Stories in the best way you find to do and are pleased to do. They are:
The Pearl of Great Price 
The Hidden Treasure
The Little Stamp The Boy Sold
The Pretty Pictures In The Bible
The Auctioned Violin
Your Most Valuable Possession. 

You could use them daily or on alternative days in the week. On Sunday Afternoon, next week, we may play a short Recorded Message, especially for the children. The children are requested to add the accompanying bible verses in the lessons to their list .

We wish you much joy during this week of sharing these stories with them.

 God bless you!

The Pastor & Sunday School Teachers

Valuable Things

Last week’s  Lesson:  The Hidden Treasure and The Pearl of Great Price

The Pearl of Great Price and The Hidden Treasure is a Person.  It is The Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. That, when we find Him we want to give up all and everything we ever held dear in life for Him. And only do things pleasing to Him. We want to stop all our bad and unkind ways and live only for Him. We want to obey the Word which says:

Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. ACTS 2:38

The Parables which Jesus told when great crowds of people followed Him, were stories with special meanings to make the people understand a truth and to encourage them to make a decision in life. Many prophets spoke in parables. Do you know that our Prophet Br. Branham also told many parables or stories? These are often real happenings in people’s lives. We will learn today about some.

Parables of Valuable Things that Br Branham told. 

Valuable Things are ordinary things that change (in our eyes), when someone puts value to it. When we realize what real value it is… then we treasure it. There may be things that we have in our possession but we may not know or realize that they are very valuable or of great Worth. 

And when we realize it is valuable/of great worth then it can bring us much joy and happiness, We might say O, that old book, that old piano, that is just a dirty old rag. But when someone puts value to it or we realize what we have in our possession, it means a great deal to us and becomes a treasure to us.

The Value Of Things Change When You Know What It Is. 

It Changes Then From No Value To Priceless.

Story 3:
The Boy Who Found An Old Stamp And Sold It:

Here some time ago, I was reading where a little boy up in an old garret (attic) was searching around up there in some old relics. And he run onto a little postage stamp, perhaps one half inch square. Well, the little fellow thought this must be of some value. So he rushes down the street to a man that he knew was a stamp collector.
And he said, “How much will you give me for this stamp?”
Said, “It looks like an old stamp.”
And the man said, “Well, I do not know the value of it, sonny, but I’ll give you a dollar for it.”
He said, “All right. I’ll sell it to you.”
So he bought it for one dollar. A few weeks later, he sold it for fifty dollars. A few weeks after that, it was sold for five hundred dollars. And the last I heard of the stamp, it was worth a quarter of a million dollars.                                                                                     (WMB) LOVE. 

The Story:

This boy found this stamp. It was a tiny stamp.

There are some tiny important words on it. You can put it on the envelope of a letter you want to send to someone; or you could put it on a parcel of goods you want to send to someone. 

This stamp can only go so far as where & what you send the letter or the parcel to; and afterwards it is of no use again. But some stamps are worth much more. Especially very old stamps are worth a lot more money… They are valuable… When something is old we sometimes throw it out or kick it around or as in this case, the boy found it in the attic (in the roof) amongst old books maybe. He thought perhaps it could be worth a little something. So he took it to a Stamp collector, who would then sell it again to get his money back with interest… When the Stamp collector saw it… he didn’t know how much it was worth. But said he, “Sonny, I will give you a dollar for it. (R50) That was about so much money for 5 ice-creams. The boy was happy with his find and the money he got for it. The stamp collector sold that same little stamp for 50 dollars. (R500) to an interested buyer. Later the person that bought the tiny stamp from the stamp collector sold it for 500 dollars (R5000). And later that same stamp was sold for a quarter million (Thousands and thousands of Rands) to somebody else…

So, eventually, when people started to realize what the worth of the tiny stamp was; it was found to be of great wealth and each time it was sold the value increased…  

The value changes when you know what it is. Then it becomes more valuable or precious. 

Like our Bible… The Word of God is a Treasure to us. It is not so much the paper it is written on or the size of the Bible, but it is the Message that God loves us… It is God’s love letter to us; we who would have gone to hell… He wants us to go to heaven where He is.

Quote: WMB

Now, it isn’t the size, neither is it the paper. It’s what is on it that counts. This text–it isn’t how small it is, it’s the message to the people that counts.

 It’s God’s Word of pardon and grace to Adam’s dying race. It is a love letter that God has given to ever fallen man and woman of Adam’s race. WMB

Now can one of you (any child) retell this story in your own words? 

Can anyone else tell us what is the meaning or lesson in this story…

What do we read in our Bible?  Who do we learn about?  Is God’s Word and God worth to us very much? Are we obedient to Him and His Word?

Story 4
Story of The woman with the Pretty pictures (Indian Money orders) in her Bible:

Money Orders are in place of money. And when you know what they are, you can exchange it for a lot of money in your country.   

This Story is about a woman who didn’t know what she had; she didn’t know that she was actually rich, not poor.

Here some time ago a woman here in the United States, poor old thing was so poverty stricken. They wondered what they’d do about her, and finally they sent the charity up to see what they could do for her. And when they come to her, they investigated and found out she was real poor, and had nothing to eat, and sold all of her furniture. And she was in terrible shape.

And they said, “Haven’t you got any children?”

She said, “Yes, sir, I have one son.”

Well, said, “Where’s that son at?”

Said, “He’s in India.” And said, “He’s a businessman over in India.”

Well, said, “Why can’t he take care of you.”

“Oh,” she said, “I tell you.” (You know how mothers are.) Said, “He’s such a darling boy.” Said, “He writes me the sweetest letters that you ever read.” And said, “And He–he–he writes me such sweet letters, I can’t ask him for any help.” Said, “I just couldn’t do it. He tells me, ‘Darling mother, how are you getting along?’ and things like that.” Said, “I–I just hate to tell him. And–and so I know he’d do anything to help me.” And said, “Then he sends me some of the prettiest pictures I ever seen.”

And said, “Sent you what? pictures?”

Said, “Yeah.”

Said, “What kind of pictures?”

Said, “Wait a minute, I’ll tell you. I’ve got them in my Bible. I’ve been saving them for two or three years.”

And she went back to the Bible and begin to bring them out. You know what it was? She was worth tens of thousands of dollars. Them’s India money orders with picture on them. She didn’t know what it was all about. But she found them in her Bible. She was rich and didn’t know it, dying of hunger, dying of starvation, and–and up against charity, because that she didn’t know what she had. WMB…  

This woman got bank drafts or bank orders from her son who was living in India… He wanted to support his mother so that she did not have to struggle in life. India put pretty pictures on their money orders which came by post to her. Not knowing that the pretty pictures she received were actually money that she could claim at a bank, she put them all in her Bible and lovingly thought of her son sending her the pretty pictures. She did not know that she could exchange the pretty pictures at the bank and get money for it. So she remained poor and under-privileged.  When the Charity organisation visited her and learnt of her circumstances; of her struggling to even have something to eat, they learnt of her lack of knowledge of her wealth. She didn’t know she was rich and not poor.

She hid the pretty pictures in her Bible and didn’t know her wealth. 

I wonder tonight if Jesus wouldn’t reveal to us what’s hid in this Bible for us. We’re rich in His grace and His mercy. I wonder if He would come and call for us. Let’s look through the Bible and see what we have in Him, while we bow our heads just a moment. WMB

The Auctioned violin

There was an auction one time, and they got an old fiddle up. You’ve heard it many times. An old violin; and the auctioneer said, “What am I offered for it?” I may not have this just right, according to the poem. It’s been many, many years, but it comes on my mind. And they picked up the old fiddle, it didn’t look very much; looks crummy, everything. He couldn’t even get a bid on it. Finally, I think he got a bid for a dollar, or something like that.

And there was one standing there that didn’t think it ought to sell for that, so he went and picked it up. He struck it in his hands, and picked up the bow and rosined it, and he played a tune. And when he did, everyone started crying. They never heard such music in their life.

Then the auctioneer said, “What am I offered?”

Two thousand!” “Five thousand!” “Ten thousand!” See? What was it? The master’s hand revealed what was veiled in the old instrument. Same now! The old Book, It’s ragged, It’s been laughed at, burnt, made fun of… WMB

Story of the Auctioned Violin

A violin is an instrument that many musicians play. It is an instrument played in many orchestras.  

This violin is an old one that nobody wanted, so they got rid of it and it finally was auctioned. That means when it is sold, people have a chance (at an auction) to buy it, and shout that they want it, by offering what they want to pay for it. The person who shouts the most money will get it. But here at this auction, nobody thought that it was worth much, so nobody bid much for it… Just a dollar and no more. But suddenly Somebody stepped out of the crowd and began to play the violin… It was the Man, the master who made the violin… and he knew how to play it. It became alive in His Hands….. The Sweetest melody and music came from the old violin… When the crowd of people heard the sweet music… The auctioneer called again for a new bid for the violin….. The people then bid 2 thousand, then 5 thousand dollars. Why? Because in the hands of the Master who built the violin and with His touch, Precious music came deep from the old violin. 

Conclusion:  Our lives in the Hand of our God is so precious. Others may think we are just nothing or nobodies. But in the Hand of God; to God we are very precious. Don’t you think we should turn our lives over to God who is our Saviour and Lord? We are highly valued by God. We are precious to Him. We should do everything to please Him. 

It was priceless. Why? The–the old master of the violin had revealed its true quality.

Our true worth comes out when we place our lives in God’s Hands so we should start living for Him. It was the Master’s Touch that brought out the real worth of the Violin. His Touch in our lives makes the difference.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

The Most Valuable thing in the world to you/ (Your Most Precious Possession)

MATTHEW 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Exodus 2: 1-10 This is the Story about a family who obeyed God. Aram and Jochebed had a son and daughter, Aaron and Miriam. Their mother (Jochebed) told them often about God and about their nation, God’s people the Israelites. She taught them to believe in God. 

They lived in a faraway land called Egypt. There the wicked king Pharoah made God’s people work hard to build big buildings. Whilst they were working and building he had them beaten with many whips. Their backs and hands were sore and hurt, because of the many beatings and hard work. Even the woman had to work hard.  

Miriam and Aaron believed in God and loved God’s people and wanted always to please their mother and father. 

Each evening Aaron and Miriam had to be very quiet, when their father came home from work, so that he (Amram) could pray to God, asking God to help their people out of their troubles. God promised to send them a deliverer, someone that would take them from that land and the wicked king. The king decided to kill all the baby boys born to the Israelites. Miriam was only seven years old and Aaron was only three years old, when their baby brother was born. Their parents hid the baby in many different places in the house from the soldiers of the wicked king, who would kill the baby if they found him.

When the baby was three months old, they could no longer hide him in the house, because he also was making a lot more noise (crying and baby talk). Little Aaron  (only three years old) had to be especially good and careful, because he was very excited over his baby brother and wanted to tell everyone (all the neighbours and his little friends) about how “cute” the baby was. 

This was a believing family that trusted God to keep their baby safe. The family wanted to keep the baby… but it had become no more safe to keep the baby quiet and safe from the soldiers, who would kill him if they knew that he was there. So they had to make a very important decision. And that was they could not keep him. It they kept him they would lose him. Because the soldiers would find him and kill him. (they did not want that to happen to their baby). They had to get rid of the baby)….[use the words in the text that follows] etc.

If they were prepared to lose the baby… That is to give him/ his life in the hands of God… they would find him again… God will protect him. Finally the family had do something to give him into the hands of God. 

The family worked together to gather the material (bulrushes) so that Jochebed could weave a basket, which she waterproofed with pitch. (Jochebed made a basket and pitched it with tar inside out). One night when nobody was around to see them, they placed the baby in the basket on the Crocodile River, behind some bushes. Now many other babies when they were found by the soldiers they were killed or thrown into the river Nile to be eaten up by crocodiles. So it was a scary thing for the family to put the little basket with their baby in it onto the river… with all those crocodiles. But the basket was waterproof and no water could get into the little basket and neither could the basket tip over. 

Young Miriam was told by her mother to hide nearby to watch what would become of the baby drifting in the basket on the river. [They had to do this… leaving it also in God’s hands to do something to protect their baby.]

Miriam listened carefully to her mother’s words and obeyed. While she was waiting, the basket with the baby in it floated down the river near the palace and was found by Pharaoh’s daughter, the princess. When the princess found the baby, his cry touched her heart and she said “This is now my son, he shall be called Moses for he was taken out of the water”. Miriam standing nearby stepped forward boldly and told the princess that she would find a nurse to look after the princess’ son. (She was very brave. It was because of her faith in God and her obedience to her parents that she was no longer afraid). Moses’ mother came to the palace of Pharaoh to look after Moses, her own son.

Class: what would have happened if they had kept this little baby?

They would have lost him.

So they gave him into the hands of God. They were prepared to give him up.

And so they found him again. So if we put our young lives in the hands of God, God can make our lives a Blessing. We will gain everything. Our very lives would be safe in His Hands. Just like the story of the Violin. In the Hands of God we are very valuable and we will live forever in His Presence.

Conclusion: Your soul which is inside of you is the most valuable thing you possess. Your body is important …You should keep it clean and healthy. But your soul inside of you is your very life. You must give it to Jesus,

Now, if you little girls in the back want to come up here, come right ahead, if you’re old enough to be away from mommy. And mommy wants to bring you up here, well, tell her to come right on. It’s for mommy too. All right.

Now, I tell you, children, we just read a verse. Would you all like to quote it with me? Would you all quote this verse with me? Now, it’s found in St. Matthew the 16th chapter and the 25th verse, what we’re going to talk about. Now, these little… Every little boy and girl, this morning, quote this with me now. Say, “St. Matthew” [The boys and girls say, “St. Matthew”–Ed.], “the 16th chapter” [“the 16th chapter”], “the 25th verse.” [“the 25th verse.”] Now, you quote with me. “For whosoever shall save his life” [“For whosoever shall save his life”] “shall lose it” [“shall lose it”] “and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall save it.” [“and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall save it.”] Shall save it. Yeah, let’s say it again. “Whosoever” [“Whosoever”] “shall lose his life” [“shall lose his life”] “for My sake” [“for My sake”] “shall save it.” [“shall save it.”] Wonderful.

Now, boys and girls, you know what? There’s a lot of things in the world that’s real valuable. And one of those things is, you have it with you today; it’s the soul that’s inside of that body. And that’s the most valuable thing in the world to you. Is that right, mother? Say “amen.” [The mothers say, “Amen”–Ed.] The most valuable thing that you got is your soul. And now, if you keep your soul, then you’re going to lose it. And if you lose your soul, then you’re going to save it; if you lose your soul to Jesus. See? In other words, if you believe on Jesus, you become His disciple. And then if you give your life to Jesus when you’re young like this, and then you’re going to… He’s going to save it to Everlasting Life. But if you–if you want to keep it, you’re going to lose it; yeah, you’ll lose it. If you want to act like these other girls and boys around here, and go out and do as they do, then you’re going, you’re–you’re going to lose it. But if you want to give your life to Jesus, then you’re going to save it for eternity and forever. WMB

Now, you remember that now, that it’s the most valuable thing in all the world, is your little soul. And if you keep it, you’ll lose it; if you give it to Jesus, you save it. Can you say that with me? If… Say, “If I keep it,” [The boys and girls say, “If I keep it,”–Ed.] “I’ll lose it” [“I’ll lose it”]; “and if I give it to Jesus,” [“and if I give it to Jesus,”] “I’ll save it.” [“I’ll save it.”] That’s it. Now, you got it. Isn’t that… WMB

Now, you see, there’s one thing you can do. Now, you go ahead. If they want to act like it, and have their world wants… If the boys and girls wants to go out there and do things, and tell stories, and say things that’s wrong, and–and cheat, and steal, and–and do things bad, and copy in school, and things, go ahead; they lose. They lose it. But if they’ll give it to Jesus, they won’t do that, and then they’ll save it. That’s what you want to do. Isn’t it? WMB

The End

Notice: Next Sunday Afternoon
We will have a Message from The Message of the Hour playing for All Sunday School Children.

Upcoming Lessons: On Valuable Things…
1. We will examine some part of Longfellow’s Psalm of Life… Worth of Your Soul.

2. Our True Beauty.

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